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This webinar will define farm, ranch, and agricultural stress, the factors that contribute to it, its consequences, how to recognize it, and what resources are available. There will also be a discussion about the characteristics inherent in many farmers, ranchers, and agricultural workers that contribute to stigma and their willingness to seek help.
This 7-week online learning series will increase the skill level of behavioral health professionals working in rural areas to define and recognize trauma in individuals. Rural practitioners who are able to help participants manage their symptoms using a strength-based approach minimize the re-traumatization and provide supports that are trauma informed.
Part 2 will review the current literature on harm reduction, discuss factors that affect the suitability and effectiveness of different strategies, and show how to use motivational interviewing and the “SMART” acronym to help clients choose strategies to minimize potential risks.
Part 1 of this series will give an overview of the history of the opioid crisis in the US, discuss current drug trends, and give examples of strategies that communities have used to reduce fatal overdoses.
This active and engaging webinar will not be death-by-PowerPoint. Instead, it will provide practical and reliable information for busy practitioners about preventing and treating adolescent cannabis use.
The 2018 Farm Bill led to the availability of several new types of “derived psychoactive cannabis products” in the U.S. This presentation explores the diverse range of products that have recently become available and discusses the accompanying public health concerns.