Farm/Agricultural Stress: Recognizing the Risk and Providing Resources for Farmers, Ranchers, and Agricultural Workers in Rural Communities

Farming, ranching, and agriculture work are often idealized as a fulfilling and satisfying way of life for the entire family and communities. Yet, the work of caring for livestock and the land can also be stressful. Farm/agricultural stress can affect a farmer’s, rancher’s, or agricultural worker’s ability to cope and has negative implications on physical and mental health, and relationships with families and friends. This webinar will define farm, ranch, and agricultural stress, the factors that contribute to it, its consequences, how to recognize it, and what resources are available. There will also be a discussion about the characteristics inherent in many farmers, ranchers, and agricultural workers that contribute to stigma and their willingness to seek help.


  • At the end of the webinar, attendees will be able to
  • Define farm/agricultural stress and the unique aspects of agricultural work that contribute to this particular stress.
  • Understand the implications of farm/agricultural stress on physical and mental health, relationships with families and friends, and the health of communities.
  • Identify signs of farm/agricultural stress.
  • Understand the attitudes and stigma that farmers, ranchers, and agricultural workers may have that impact their willingness to seek or be receptive to help.
  • Identify resources that are available for farmers, ranchers, and agricultural workers, their families, and health care professionals.

Presenter: Linda S. Edelman RN, PhD, FGSA, FAAN