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Treating Individuals in Rural Communities Who Use Stimulants

This webinar provides an overview of a new resource available through the Pacific Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center named ‘Treatment for Individuals who Use Stimulants (TRUST)’, a protocol using empirically-supported behavioral treatments for people with stimulant use disorders. Over the past 30 years, there has been extensive research done on the development of treatments for individuals with stimulant use disorder. Currently, there are no medications approved by the FDA for treating stimulant use disorder, however, there are several behavioral strategies that have evidence of efficacy in assisting individuals to reduce and/or discontinue their stimulant use. These approaches include contingency management, cognitive behavioral therapy, community reinforcement approach, motivational interviewing, and physical exercise.

The presentation begins with an overview of the TRUST materials available to providers and guidance for using the therapist guide and patient workbook in daily clinical work, as well as a customized set of TRUST materials for use with people receiving medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD). Following this overview, the presentation will then shift focus to a discussion on how to implement the materials in rural areas.

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